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Custom Cuff Links and Button Covers!


About the cuff-links and Button Covers... I've made a few sets of matching cuff-links and/or button covers for some of my clients and sent them along as a gift with the pens. They were made from the same material as their pens. Since they were so well received, I thought I'd add them as an individual custom order item to my website.

Cuff-Link styles available... Their are several styles and finishes of cuff-links available. The two major backing styles of cuff-links are referred to as "PAD" and "CUP". As their names imply, the PAD backing have a small 10mm diameter flat surface that the material is glued directly onto, while the CUP backing is a flat bottom cup that the material is recessed into allowing the finish to show around the edges. The cup styles are available in various cup sizes, however since most pen blanks are 3/4" or less, most of the cups are 16mm diameter. The two exceptions are 20mm diameter silver cups (which are also hinged on the back for easier storage) and 19mm square silver cups.

Finishes available... The Button Covers are only available in Nickel and gold finishes, whereas the cuff-links are available in several finishes: bright gold, bright silver, antique brass, and gunmetal.

Button Cover... The button covers are only available in bright gold and nickel finishes. They have a flat surface and most look best with some of the metal showing to create a frame around the material. But they could be made with the material oversized (like the pad cuff-links) so none of the metal finish is showing to create a larger profile.

Materials... Just about any material can be used for either the cuff-links or the button covers. Most are made with the same materials I've used for pens, but I've also shown some examples of other way you can customize your cuff-links.

Pen Materials... The best materials are those with either a solid color or one with a pattern that can be fully or mostly captured within the diameter of the discs. Some acrylics with multiple dark colors for instance may look great in a pen, but then not enough of the pattern can be captured to have a nice looking disc. I've found that the "chunk" or "crush" type patterns with contrasting colors show up best as well as any solid color. It's also best if the colors and/or patterns are opaque (having no show through) because the discs are fairly thin (most no more than about 3/16" thick).

How to order... Ordering is simple! Send me an email with the style and finish of the cuff-links or button covers you wish to order, along with information on the material you want used. However due to the cost of the material, if I have to special order something, the cost may be higher than for materials I may have on hand. But if you'd like to have cuff-links to match a current pen that you have, I should be able to make them as long as the materia l is still available.

The samples shown below are just some of the styles I have available. If you're interested in a style or size that isn't shown, ontact me for a current update on all styles currently available. If you'd like a larger diameter than those shown I may be able to order them. Sizes available range from as small as 9mm (pads) up to 25mm (cups). Also some of the cuff-links shown below may also be available for immediate purchase, or can be duplicated. Please email me to inquire on availability.

If you have any questions about ordering, please send me an email. You can also email me for an update on the current list of sizes and finishes I have on hand.

Click each of the photo below to see additional photo's.


Cuff Link Samples:
16mm Gunmetal Cup
Gray Invisavue acrylic.
16mm Antq Bronze Cup
Brown Ice acrylic.
16mm Fancy Antq Bronze Cup
Rocky Road Lucite.
16mm Gold Wide Cup
Blue/Gold Matrix acrylic.
19mm Square Silver Cup
Antique Gold acrylic.
16mm Gold Wide Cup
Cranberry acrylic.
16mm Silver Cup
Portrait Set
(with cllear acrylic domes).
10mm Gold Pad
Gold/Silver Inlace Acrylester.
10mm Chrome Pad
Buffalo Nickel Set.

Button Cover Samples:

The Button Covers
are only available in one
size (16mm) and in
the two finishes shown.

Bright Gold with
Combustion Alumilite.
Bright Nickel with
Gray/Black Crush acrylic.

Samples of Pens with matching cuff links:
16mm Gold Wide Cup
Blue/Gold Matrix acrylic
with matching pen.
16mm Gold Wide Cup
with matching
Cranberry acrylic pen.
16mm Gunmetal Cup
Gray Invisivue acrylic
with matching pen.
Nickel Button Covers
Gray/Black Crush acrylic
with matching pen.
16mm Antq Bronze Cup
Brown Ice acrylic
with matching pen.
16mm Fancy Antq Bronze Cup
Rocky Road Lucite
with matching pen.

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