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Batura Custom Fountain Pen
Pen Name :
This pen is named after Batura Sar, the 25th highest mountain on earth, the 10th highest in Pakistan, and the highest peak of the Batura Muztagh. Batura Sar forms the Batura Wall which is a continuously high part of the backbone of the Batura Muztagh, and is the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range in northern Pakistan. If you wish to read more about this mountain or any others, you can read them on my pen names page.

The prominent feature on this pen is the cap. The cap features a pair of accent bands that together frame the long straight clip and helps to accentuate an otherwise bland clip. As with most of the pen styles, this pen can be made in your choice of acrylics and with either gold or silver toned clip and accent bands.

Pen Specifications:
Length - Capped: 5.6875" / Uncapped: 5" / Cap only: 2.625".
Diameter - Barrel: .53" / Cap (at bands): top .48" / bottom .60".
Front-section: length: .71" ; Dia (f/m/r): .42" / .36" / .42".
Weight (w/o ink): Capped: 17.8 gms / Uncapped: 9.8 gms / Cap only: 7.9 gms.
Nib: 2-tone #6 Meister.
The pen can be ordered with your choice of tip sizes (F-M-B) and in either 2-tone, polished steel, or Ruthenium finishes.

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