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Other Custom Pen Projects:


The pen shown here are some of the other projects I've worked on either as personal projects or comissions (that were approved for posting) that I wanted to showcase. Although they are not part of my standard line-up, unless otherwise stated, any of them can be special ordered as is, or in your choice of materials or with the styles adjusted to suit your personal preference.

Click on each photo for additional information and photo's for the pens.

Bulb Filler
Uniball Pen Holder
Faux Bulb-filler
Streatched Rimo
Pink Pointe
Metal Wide-band
Two-Tone Pens
4-Ring Blue & Silver Matrix
Orange & Black Mini

Custom Glass Nib Dip Pen

Sapphire Mini
To custom order these or any other custom pens for yourself or as a gift,
please contact me at

For help with your Fountain Pens on replacing cartridges, filling pumps
or general fountain pen maintenance, visit:

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