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JEB's Duro Custom Fountain Pens:

About the pen... This pen is my version of the Conway Stewart Duro. Conway Stewart (CS) went out of business in October 2014. I was always a fan of their pens, so when some of their original material because available, I decided to buy some and make some pens based on a few of their styles. This one is based on the DURO. CS had several versions of the Duro--the basic model used the same material for the entire pen, while another used a a secondary (solid) black for various parts. But they also made a few Limited Edition (LE) pens that were very different.

One of those LE's was called the "Tiffany Duro". It had an all black cap, black section, black barrel threads and blind cap, with only the center section of the barrel made from the "featured" material. In this case "Tiffany" Casein. "Tiffany" is the name of the pattern. So named because the pattern is reminicient of Tiffany glass. "Casein" is a type of material. The COLOR for this one was called YELLOW Tiffany. Their is also a PLUM Tiffany available. The Plum has the same distinct Tiffany glass pattern, but has purple and white tones with a bit of light blue highlights.

About CASEIN... Casein is an early form of acrylic that's made from milk curd, and was one of the forebearers of the modern acrylics. Most material sold today as Casein is actually a synthetic, but THIS is the real thing. This material is true Casein. One of the "tells" that lets you know it's real Casein is the odor when turning-- it smells like powdered milk. Besides the Tiffany Casein, I think the pen would look just as nice with any number of acrylics in it's place. One example (my initial sample pen) shown below in Brown Ice italian acrylic.

The most prominent feature of the Tiffany Duro was of course the material. I'm usually not a fan of pens that use all black caps and a different material for the rest of the pen. But in this case I think it was smart to use only a small amount of the Casein, and then use black for the remainder of the parts so the Tiffany would be well highlighted. The other features of the pen are the multiple accent bands placed throughout the pen. The band on the cap base is 4mm wide, while the smaller bands are 1mm wide. All the bands and the clip are 24k gold. The nib shown is 2-tone #6 steel 1.5 italic Jowo. It can be ordered with a steel or (18k) gold nib. Steel nibs are available in six tip sizes: x-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 and 1.5 italic.

Pen specs... The overall capped length is approximately 5 3/4" (146mm), uncapped (barrel, section, nib) is 5 3/16" (131.77mm). The cap diameter is .563" (14.3mm) and the maximum barrel diameter is .50" (12.7mm). The current inking system is a standard cartridge/conveter (C/C), but the blind caps are threaded and the barrels can be easily fitted for a button filler system.

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JEB's Duro Colors
Yellow Tiffany Casein

Brown Ice Italian acrylic

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