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KaTu Two-Tone custom fountain pens:

Like all my other pen names, this pen is named from one of the worlds mountain peaks but with a little personal twist. The KaTu is named after 'K2', the 2nd highest mountain in world. K2 is located on the border of Pakastan and China, and is known as Savage Mountain by hikers, but is also known by several other names including Ketu & Kechu, but I wanted to put my own twist on the name so it had a connection to the Kamet and Jannu, the names of my other 2-tone pens.

As you can readily see, the most prominent feature of this 'two-tone' design is the solid cap. But although I call them 2-tone pens, you could argue they are not actually TWO tone. The theme is actually a multicolored barrel with a solid accent color pulled from the barrel acrylic and used for the cap and front section. As with the other 2-tone pens, the style is perfect for using your imagination to creat a unique color combination for your own custom fountain pen.

The KaTu is fitted with a #6 nib and can be ordered with either a 2-tone or polished steel finish with tip sizes in fine, medium or broad; and choose from a variety of clip finishes. Inking systems available for this pen are cartridge/converter (c/c), eyedropper (ED), button filler, or the new Pistion inking system.

Update Feb 2014: If you've looked at this pen before, you might notice now that it looks a little different than before. If you do, it's not your imagination. The pen originally had a tear-drop style clip, but I always thought it didn't quite look right-- I thought it was too short, and it didn't quite fit the style. When I ran across this clip, I knew right away that it was just what I was looking for to use with the KaTu. I think the straight style, and the little bit of added length compliments the solid color cap much better than the tear-drop style.

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Wildkat & Brown Acrylic


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