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Kea Custom Fountain Pens:
The pen is named after Mauna Kea, one of the Hawaiian mountain peaks. While Everest is officially the highest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea located on the island of Hawaii is actually the tallest. It's listed as the third tallest, only because most of it is under water, and thus not counted in its total height. This pen is so named because of the tall tapered finial.

The Kea has an average (capped) length of about 6" long. It can be ordered with either a #5 or #6 nib in polished steel or 2-tone finish and fine medium or broad tips; and a nickel finish clip.

Click on each photo for additional photo's and specifications.

Multi-Colored Chunk
with Gold Cap Bands
Red Blue & Gold
Purple Allumilite
Strawberry Mesh
Blueberry Mesh
Multi-Colored Chunk
Strawberry Clipless
Jade Green Clipless




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