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Lhotse Clipless Custom Fountain Pens:

The Lhotse (pronounced "loat---as in goat-- say") is a clipless "cigar" style fountain pen.

The pen is named after Mount Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain on earth. Lhotse is best known for its proximity to mount Everest and the fact that climbers ascending the "standard route" on that peak spend some time on its northwest face. And in fact Lhotse has the smallest topographical prominence value of any the other mountains in it's group. I thought this name was very fitting, since the style is kind of the de facto"standard" of custom pens, as well as probably being the smallest of all the styles.

This pen can be ordered to your personal preference in length between 5" to 6" (or longer if desired) and with either a #5 or #6 size nib.

Tortoise Shell
Sapphire Blue
Custom Carrot
Abalone Lava Explosion
Black & Yellow Ebonite

Retro Gold
Bronze Pearl
Lignum Vitae - wood/acrylic
Urushi Red - square-end
Light Sapphire Mini
Yellow Jacket (RB)
Yellow Jacket RB Pen Holder
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