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Lhotse - Yellow Jacket Roller-ball pen

Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:

Yellow Jacket Acrylic Acetate.
Length: Capped: 5.31" / Uncapped: 4.85" (w/o refill tip).
Diameter - .48" - .61 - .46".
Weight (with refill): Capped: 21.4 g. / Uncapped: 17.0 g.

Notes about the Roller-ball Pens:
The front section is the only main difference from a traditional fountain pen,
so most any of the pen styles could be fitted as a roller-ball.

Notes about the Refill:
This pen was made specifically for the Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills, but the Pilot G2
also fits. The front-section could also be custom fitted for other brand refills.
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