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Lhotse - in Yellow Jacket acrylic with Clip.
Made into a
unique Uni-ball® Pen HOLDER - holds FIVE different Pens!


About the Pen...
Although at first glance this pen looks very similar to the previous roller-ball pens I've made, it is quite different. The previous pens were made to accept Pilot© and G2© roller-ball pen refills. But with this pen, instead of simply being made for a specific brand of refills, it was actually made to accept a variety of the Uni-ball pens!

The difference? While the Pilot and G2 pen have separate ink refills, most of the Uni-ball pens are made with the ink reservoir built right into the barrel of the pens. So I had to make this one so it would accept the entire pen barrel. Because it was made to accept the pens with just the caps removed, I'm calling it a pen HOLDER, rather than a pen.

This Lhotse Pen Holder will hold FIVE different pens. Four Uni-ball pens: the Vision Micro, Vision Elite, Vision Needle, and Uni Super Ink. The fifth pen is the Staedler Liquid point 7. All the pens will fit into the pen holder by simply removing the caps. Only the Uni-ball Vision Micro has a removable barrel, and since it was the largest of all the pens, this one fits with the barrel removed. Included in the photo's below is a photo showing all the pen styles that fit into the pen holder.

Pen size...
As you might imagine, this was a challenging request. Making a pen holder to fit five different pens inside sounded like a very tall order, and the first challenge was trying to figure out whether it was actually possible for me to make. The Uni-ball pens are similar in size to a small fountain pen, so I had to make something that was even larger than my biggest pens, yet be a practical, useable pen. Another issue was whether I could work within the thread sizes I had. Since I make my pens on a wood-lathe, I'm using taps and dies to make my threads, so I couldn't just dial in a larger thread diameter on the lathe, I had to work with the parts I had on hand. But after a few days of working up a set of drawings to see if everything might fit, followed by some trial and error with a few mockup parts, I found I had a pair of thread sizes that would work together. And since the client had big hands and preferred a large pen, the size wasn't going to be too big.

Interchangeable front-sections...
If all that wasn't enough of a challenge, one other unique feature I ended up building into this pen was that it uses two different styled front-sections that can be swapped out at will and work with all the pens. The client liked the tapered front-section I used on the previous roller-balls, but he also liked the style he had in another pen. So I offered to try and see if I could make the pen holder to accept both front-sections while still using the same cap. It took a bit extra planning, but I was able to work both styles into his pen.

Triton clip...
The last hurdle I had to jump was whether I could add a clip. I normally make the Lhotse as a clipless pen, but the client requested it have a clip, so I had to try and work one into the design. But it turned out since the pen was going to be fairly large, the stout Triton clip turned out to be the perfect fit!

This pen was custom made for a specific client, but he's allowed me to replicate it. So if you would like to inquire about ordering one, please email me by clicking the CONTACT button at the far right of the black links bar at the top of the page. Thanks for looking! JEB.

Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:
Yellow Jacket Acrylic Acetate.
Clip: Triton with Gold Ti finish.
Length: Capped: 6.25" / Uncapped: 5.625" (with a pen installed).
Diameter: Center (at the joint): .645" / End of barrel approx: .565" / Cap at final .565".
Weight (w/o pens) - Capped: approx 27 gms / Uncapped: approx 15.5 gms.
Note: the weights stated are without the pens installed, and will depends on front-section used. One is slightly heavier than the other, so the pen weight will vary depending on the parts used.

Click each photo for a larger view.
Pens that fit:
Cap/Clip close-up:
Pen tip styles:
Uncapped Short f/s:
Short f/s close-up:
Uncapped Tapered f/s:
Tapered f/s close-up:
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