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Nazca Jr. Midi custom fountain pens:

The Nazca Jr. isn't a new style. I've had it for a few years, and you could say it was my first Midi-Pen. But I never called it a Midi-Pen, so only the name would have been a hint that it was a smaller size pen. But since the Nazca Jr's size is close to the Midi-Pen guidelines, with the introduction of the Midi-Pen line, I thought I should include it in the group.

Size and options...
The length of the Nazca Jr. can be between 5" and 5 5/8" long depending on how tall you want the finial. The prominent feature of the full size Nazca is the very tall finial. I've kept the finial on the Nazca Jr. proportionally shorter, but if you like the taller finial you can order it in the height of your choosing. The major cap diameter is just under 9/16", and the major barrel diameter is just under 1/2".

Clip... You can't find the same style clip in different sizes, so another difference between the full size Nazca is the different style clip used. The clip is available in two finishes-- the Nickel as shown here, and 24k gold.

Nib... the Nazca Jr. is fitted with a #5 nib and can be ordered in 2-tone, polished steel, or Ruthenium finishs. Tip sizes available are X-fine, fine, medium, broad and Two italic sizes (1.1 & 1.4). The current inking systems available for this pen are cartridge/converter (c/c), or eyedropper (ED. I hope to add a button filler option sometime in the future.

Click on each photo for additional photo's and specifications of each pen.

Taffy Swirl Acrylic
Orange Crush Acrylic


Black/Gray Crush Acrylic








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