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Solano custom fountain pen.


About the pen... This pen was originally suppose to be a one-time custom order from a new client. He picked out the colors and made the decisions on the overall size and shape. But once the project was completed, I liked the pen so much I ask him if I could add it to my standard line. He approved, so I named it in his honor.

Specs... The client made the finial decision on the overall specs after we worked through several different size layouts. The final specs were spot on because the pen looks and feels perfect. The overall length is about 6" (152mm), with both section (cap and barrel being the same length (3" or 76mm). The maximum diameter at the center is .67" (17mm), and taper to about 35" (9mm) at each end. The pen is nice and hefty, the longer (1" total length) section with a slight taper (back to front) makes it very comfortable to use. The acrylic center-band (on the cap) is about .14" (3.5mm) wide.

Mockup Pen... Whenever I have a project like this that's for a new style pen, I first work out the initial shape and size of the parts using a drafting program. Then once the size and shape is established, but before committing to the final pen with any special ordered materials, I'll next make a solid black mockup pen. The mockup pen allows me to work on the subtle shapes of the parts, before committing to the clients pen. That way I can make any final adjustments that might be needed before making the clients pen. So the black and orange pen shown was the initial mockup pen for this project. I like to use SOLID BLACK acrylic for the mockup pens because it allows me to see the contours of the shape without having any interference from a colored pattern. But this style called for an accent color to be used for the acrylic accent band (on the cap) and section. so I used the bright orange crush so I had a high contrast in order to judge the width of the band.

The "London Fog" pen was the one I ultimately made for the client. The gray acrylic has a slight smoky transparency that allows a slight glimpse of the colored section through the cap while the pen is in the closed position. Look for more colors to come or choose your own custom colors.

Inking options... Due to the shape of the pen, this one is only available as a c/c or eyedropper.

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