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Kit Style Fountain Pens

Kit style fountain pens are made using unassembled pre-made parts that are assembled once the upper and lower sections are turned to their required diameters. In most cases the wood or acrylic sections have internal brass tubes glued in place that are used for mounting the material so it can be turned to size. Once the turning is completed, the tubes allow for the rest of the pre-made parts to be easily press into place.

Many styles available... The pens shown below are just a few of the many many styles of kit fountain pens that are available today. Penn State Industries (PSI), one of the major suppliers of kit pens, offers one of the largest variety of styles and theme pens that can be found at one place--much too many to showcase here--and they are adding new styles all the time. So if your looking for something that's different from my full custom fountain pens, or a theme specific style, then one of these kit pens could be the answer. To view all of the current PSI kits available click HERE to visit their website.

Click each picture for a larger view.

Rhodium / Black TN & Cocobolo
Rhodium & Faux Casein Acrylic
Rhodium & Meganite Galaxy Acrylic
Chrome & Blossom Acrylic
24k Gold & Pink Ivory
24k Gold & Bloodwood

To purchase any of these pens, or have one made especially
for yourself or as a gift, please contact me at


For help with your Fountain Pens on replacing cartridges, filling pumps
or general fountain pen maintenance, visit:

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