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Misc Style Pens & Other items
Genuine Rifle Shell Ball-point
Size: 5 3/8" long x .463" dia.
Made with two genuine rifle shell casings
(308 top & 30-06 bottom) with Copper trim.

Genuine Rifle Shell w/ Camo Acrylic Ball-point
Size: 5 7/16" long x .463" dia.
Similar to the dual-shell pen, this one is made using a single
30-06 shell casing for the lower barrel and woodland camo acrylic
for the upper barrel. Trim: gold clip & finial and copper nib.

Military Memorial Ball-point
Size: 5 7/16" long x .463" dia.
This pen is made similar to the pen above, but instead of the standard 30-06 shell, it uses a genuine military 7.62 shell casing that is used for the gun salute at military funerals. As with the 30-06 pen above, it has Camo Acrylic
upper barrel with gold clip & finial and a copper nib.
DESIGN NOTE: Being a BLANK and not a live round, the end of the shell was crimped instead of having a pressed in bullet. To use the spent shell for a pen, the original crimped end was rounded out to accept the copper nib, so the striated marks you see at the end are the creases from the original crimping.
If you have any of these shells and would like a commemorative memorial pen made,
I'd be glad to help with your project, so please email me to discuss your project at
You can have your pen made like this one, or using your choice of material such as a
favorite color or the color of the service branch.


Bullet / Pocket Pen
24k Gold & Grass Acrylic. Also available in Chrome.
It's officially called a 'bullet' pen, but I refer to it as 'pocket' pen
because it's a nice size and shape to carry in your pocket.
Size: 3 7/8" long x .627" dia.


Detachable Necklace Pen
No need to fumble around for your pen. Hang it around your neck for easy access.
Only available in Gold. Your choice of wood or acrylic.

(unofficial) PSU Helmet Pen
My son's idea. He's a big PSU fan.
Laminated Acrylic with Chrome accents.
Size: 5 3/8" long x .445" dia.

Computer Circuit Board Pens & Accessories
Show off your computer savvy with these unique items.

Stylus Pens!
Available in various styles and sizes! The great thing about these stylus pens is that you
can order them to the length to suit YOUR need instead of settling for the length that someone else thinks it should be. It can also be ordered as a stand-alone stylus (stylus only like the ones shown below) or incorporated into a (twist) pen. Available in gold or chrome.
Here's an example of how creative
you can get with a stylus.
My grand-daughter wanted to
make a long, colorful stylus for her
Mom. This is what she came up with.

To purchase any of these pens, or have one made especially
for yourself or as a gift, please contact me at
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