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Pen Clip Styles available for Custom Fountain Pens.
New styles last added: August 2017.

Ask any custom fountain pen maker what their biggest issue might be, and they will probably tell you that finding quality clips is right at the top of their list. This has been very true for me as well. Ever since I started making custom fountain pens, this was and still is the biggest issue I faced whenever I would try to come up with a new style pen. It's hard to create a new style pen when the selection of clips is limited. For a while, it seemed like it was starting to change. A few suppliers started regularly carrying clips. But then all of a sudden the supply just dried up again, and we're back where we started-- very few clips are to be found. Many thanks to the suppliers that attempted to stock them! Hopefully someone with the means to help will eventually read this and try to do something about it.

New technology may be the answer... I've been closely watching the 3D printing technology, where it may seem unlikely, but could some day be the answer. There are people currently making make clips on these new printers-- including METAL clips. I've seen a few and they look promising. But the problem to date has been the final finish. Since they're made from soft metal, they can't be plated, and the finish from the printer is pretty rough. Polishing helps somewhat, but it's labor intensive to get to even a half decent finish.

Listed below are photo's of all the clips styles and finishes I currently have in stock. The newest styles added are labeled as such so they are easier to find. Some of the clips I've just recently purchased and will be slowly including on some of my new pen styles. I'm showing them to give you a preview of what is available, so if you are wanting to put your own pen together, you know what is available. Unfortunately, I do not sell clips separately. But despite this statement, because the availability is such a problem, I get emails all the time asking to buy clips, or where they may be able to purchase some. I don't mind the emails, and when I know of any that are available, I'll let anyone that ask where to find them. The clips shown below, I've collected over my years of pen making-- investing whenever a clip became available. Although the selection may seem large, their usage is dictated by their size-- and mostly by the size of the ring (see "Clip rings" below). Therefore some of the clips that are available just have too small of a ring, making them unusable.

Clip rings... If you're not aware, whether a certain clip will work with a particular pen is not just determined by the length of the clip, it's also determined by the diameter of the ring that is used to connect the clip to the pen. Most cheap factory made pens have their clips fastened to the pen using barbs that are pressed into the acrylic. But with our pens, we rely on a ring as the mechanical attachment to the pen, and every clip has a slightly different diameter ring. While there are some tricks to making some adjustments to the rings giving a little bit of latitude on the diameter of caps they can be used with, their are still limits, so not every clip will fit every pen style. To allow a slightly broader range of diameters the clips can be used with, you can have the option of whether to have a clip ring exposed or hidden. But some clips (like the Diane or Deco) are specifically made to be exposed. Most clips though can usually be used either way, but there are still limitations.

Materials... The materials are also getting better. The older (NOS) clips were all stamped steel, but some of the newer clips are cast with brazed or riveted spring steel rings, and the cast material is much heaver and smoother than the stamped steel, so they can take a nicer finish. As a result, they make a much nicer looking clip, which in turn gives you a nicer looking pen.

Finishes... The second biggest issue with clips besides their limited availability, has always been the limited availability of finishes Most NOS (new old stock) clips are only available in a single finish. But some of the newer clips becoming available are available in a range of finishes. Some of the newest clips I've found for example the same style clip is available in chrome, Gold Ti and Black Ti, all three quality finishes. I've also found a supplier that does his own gold plating, and has plated some of my old NOS clips. Thanks to that supplier, the Mont Blanc and Louis are NOS clips that were formerly only available in nickel, are now available in 24k Gold.

Styles... As you can see from the list below, I now have quite a variety of styles available now. However most are still best for larger pens, and I'm still looking for some smaller ones so I can expand my line of mini pens.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information on any of the clips, please don't hesitate to contact me via email. Please note, the clips are not for sale individually.

Classic (tear-drop) - The most popular
clip style. I'm able to offer this
in a few finishes because I'm buying
kit pens and salvaging the clips.
Length = 1.546"; width (max) .254".
Ring O.D. = .490".
Big Ring (tear-drop)
Similar in style to the Classic,
but with larger ring. Used for oversized
cap pens. Available in Nickel only.
Length = 1.53"; width (max) .245".
Ring O.D. = .545".
Lynn (tear-drop)
Another clip similar to the Classic, but
this clip is cast rather than stamped.
Stocked in gold & rhodium,
with silver available on request.
Length = 1.56"; width (max) .273".
Ring O.D. = .532".

You may recognize this clip from the
Tycoon kit pens. This has a larger ring,
and should work well on the
large cap pens. It has a lot of heft.
Currently only available in Gold.
Length = 1.812"; width (max) .253".
Ring O.D. = .564".
Mont Blanc
Classic straight Mont Blanc style
stamped steel clip. Small diameter rings for
use on smaller diameter pens like the Kea.
Length = 1.8"; width (max) .20".
Ring O.D. = .403".
Available in Nickel & 24k Gold.
Ball Clip
The clips ring is similar in size
to the Mont Blanc so can be a fancier
alternative to the straight clip.
Length = 1.349"; width (max) .235".
Ring O.D. = .413".
Available in Chrome & 24k Gold.

Deco/Empire - used on Manaslu.
Available in Antique gold only.
Length = 1.50"; width (max) .224".
Ring O.D. = .478".
Louis - a smaller sized cast clip.
Used on the PFP, and Jr. mid size pens.
Length = 1.374"; width (max) .245".
Ring O.D. = .434".
Available in Nickel & 24k Gold.
Vintage - Similar in size to the Louis
this clip works on smaller pens.
Available in antique gold & copper.
Length = 1.438"; width (max) .222".
Ring O.D. = .434".

Another cast clip, this clip has a nice
curved shape with a design on the face.
Stocked in gold & rhodium,
with silver available on request.
Length = 1.547"; width (max) .255".
Ring O.D. = .532".
Another cast clip, this clip has a nice
teardrop shape with the unusual feature
of riding up above the finial connection.
Stocked in gold & rhodium,
with silver available on request.
Length = 1.785"; width (max) .284".
Ring O.D. = .582".
Stamped steel clip that looks flat from the front,
but has a nice 'S' curve shape side view.
Length = 1.654"; width .20".
Finishes: Chrome, Gold Ti & Black Ti.
Length = 1.655"; width (max) .208".
Ring O.D. = .445".

Heavy cast clip with a straight shape,
both front and side view.
Length = 1.784"; width .232"; Ring OD: 567".
Stocked finishes: Chrome, Gold Ti & Black Ti.
Heavy cast teardrop shape clip
with a nice 'S' curve side view.
Length = 1.812"; width .279" ; Ring OD: 534".
Stocked finishes: Chrome, Gold Ti & Black Ti.
Stamped steel clip with convex curved sides
and a working roller ball at the tip.
Length = 1.391"; width .232" ; Ring OD: 471".
Stocked finishes: Chrome, Gold Ti & Black Ti.
Cast clip with a straight shape,
both front and side view.
Length = 1.75"; Ring OD: 413".
Stocked finishes: Chrome & Gold.
Stamped steel teardrop shape clip with
a nice curve off the ring. Small ring.
Length = 1.618"; Ring OD: 316".
Stocked finishes: Chrome only.
Stamped steel ball tipped clip
with straight side view. Small ring.
Length = 1.683" ; Ring OD: 387".
Stocked finishes: Chrome only.
Stamped steel clip with a tapered front
view, and straight side profile. Small ring.
Length = 1.675"; Ring OD: 345".
Stocked finishes: 24k Gold & Nickel.
Stamped steel clip with a slightly tapered
fron view, and a nice S curve side profile.
Length = 1.653"; Ring OD: 469".
Stocked finishes: Chrome only.
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