Custom Clipless Asgard MAGNUM Fountain Pen
in Berry Photochromatic Color-changing Acrylic.

Berry Photochromatic comparison

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Berry Photochromatic Asgard_capped-1 Berry Photochromatic Asgard_capped-2 Berry Photochromatic Asgard_capped-3


Berry Photochromatic Asgard_uncapped-1 Berry Photochromatic Asgard_closeup-1 Berry Photochromatic Asgard_uncapped-2 Berry Photochromatic Asgard_closeup-2

Specifications and material information about this pen are listed below.


About the Asgard:

This pen is named after the Twin-Peaked Mount Asgard and its famous Twin Flat Topped cylindrical rock towers. Mount Asgard is located in the Auyuittuq National Park on the Cumberland Peninsula of Baffin Island in Nunavut Canada. This pen is so named because I thought the description of the location also described the pen. The large TWIN Flat-top ends of the pen emulate the twin flat topped rock towers of Mount Asgard.

Asgard Dimensions:
The Asgard is a clipless INVERTED style pen with it's widest diameters at the ends. It's about 5 1/2" long with larger diameter ends of about 11/16" that tapers to a smaller diameter of about 9/16" at the connection. Since the shape of the pen was somewhat straight-- that is void of any obvious curves-- I wanted to keep this theme throughout the pen. So I used a straight shape for the section.

Asgard Options and Upgrades:
Due to the unique shape of the Asgard, their are very few other options available. However it does have a few: You can order it in a smaller (Midi) size, and your choice of nib sizes. You can also order it with a custom BUTTON on the cap that keeps the pen from rolling. As with most other JEB's PENs, the Asgard can be ordered in the materials shown or you can choose your own material to make the pen your own one-of-a-kind. Inking systems available are cartridge/converter (C/C) only. Nib sizes are #5 or #6, and are available in several finishes: polished steel, 2-tone, Ruthenium (#5 only) or Black Oxide (#6 only). Current tip sizes available are x-fine, fine, medium, broad, or two sizes of italic.

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained and dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

About this Pen and Material:
This pen is a MAGNUM version of the Asgard. The Asgard MAGNUM is 18% LARGER than the standard Asgard. So instead of a 5.50" long length, this one is an inch longer at 6.50". And it isn't just the length that was enlarged--the entire pen (except nib) was enlarged by 18%. So instead of the standard end diameter of 9/16" (.6875), the MAGNUM ends are a little over .75" (as large as possible based on the blank size).

The pen was made using a unique color-changing material that actually changes color when it's exposed to natural sunlight. The unique material is referred to as 'Photochromatic', and is available in a several color-changing colors. The colors are named for the color you see when the material is exposed to the sunlight. This color is called BERRY. And as you can see, the Berry starts out as a mix of very pale pinks & greens. Then once exposed, it turns to deep shades of PINK AND PURPLE. The acrylic machines similar to other soft acrylics.

This was my first time using it, so althought I was very curious to see how the colors actually changed, I held myself back until the pens were completed (I made two). My grandkids were here the day I finished the pens, so we checked it out together. We were all amazed as we watch the colors change (NOTE: the change is gradual and the brighter the sunlight, the darker the colors become).

This client also order some additional color changing materials. One pen was the same material as this but in a different color. The other material GLOWS IN THE DARK! You can view those pens here: Grapefruit PFP / Light Blue Giraffe Glow-in-the-Dark.

This Pens Specifications:
Color / Material: Berry Photochromatic Acrylic.
Length: Capped 6.48" / Uncapped 5.79".
Diameter: max .725" / min .61".
Nib - Two-tone Steel Meister.
Filling System: C/C. Also available as an Eyedropper.