Everything you wanted to know... and more!
Includes information on: Pricing, Shipping, Warranties, and Returns.

On this page, I've tried to include everything necessary to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about JEB's PENs. I've included everything from pricing, shipping and warranty information, as well as information on how I make my pens. I also included a few miscellaneous items that will hopefully help to cover anything else that may come up along the way. Unfortunately though, my desire to be all inclusive and give you all of the information you may need during the entire process, has made this page quite long. So I apologize for that. But I assure you, it's not a ruse to hide anything from you. I'm just trying to be as open and up front as possible. If you have any questions about any of the information included here, or something I didn't cover, please don't hesitate to contact me.

But before I get into all that other stuff, I thought I'd explain a little about my pens and how I make them. I've had people inquire because they are interested in how their pens are made, or curious as to why theirs may look slightly different from one done before. So I thought this would be a good place to explain a few details about my pen-making process so it will hopefully help you as you review the different pen styles, as to why one pen may look slightly different than another even though they are the same pen style. So here I go...

FIRST UP - How I make my pens...
As I mention the custom fountain pen page, all my pens are individually hand-crafted. They ARE NOT mass manufactured from an exact set of specifications programmed into a machine. Therefore each pen can be slightly different in size and or shape from another, even though they have the same style name. This is a result of the hand-turning process, which is done on a wood lathe with hand-held turning tools. For each pen I make, I use a set of sizing guides that consists of a graphical layout that includes the shape and specs for the individual pen, as well as a base-line sample. These same set of guides are used for every pen in order to insure every pen is as close to the original as possible. However, since the parts are turned by hand, one pen can end up being slightly different in shape and/or diameter than the last. So even though you may order a pen of a certain style, and I do my best to make it look the same, yours may be slightly different. But I think that's the definition of a UNIQUE pen-- one that's different than any others. So if you are looking for someone to make a pen that is EXACTLY the same as another, I may not be able to make it. I can get close, and if the material cooperates, I maybe get it really close, but I can't guarantee I can get it exact. But that said, this hand-turning process allows me to have the freedom to custom make a pen that is unique, or change any part of a pen to suit your individual wishes. So if you see a pen you like, but would like to see it in a different size, shape, or material, lets talk. I'll see if I can make it for you.

A word about Fountain Pen Nibs...
In order for this page to be all-inclusive, I thought I also needed to say a few words about fountain pen nibs-- what I do and more importantly what I DO NOT do with regard to nibs. With each pen ordered, I supply a quality working (Meister brand) steel nib. "Working" means that it writes smoothly without skipping. I will test each nib before the pen is shipped to be sure it meets this standard-- but that is all. I do not do any custom tuning work on the nibs I purchase and supply with my pens.

I know fountain pen owners take pride in how well their pens write as well as how they look. But I also understand that whether a nib performs as it should can be somewhat subjective to an individual user. I want to be sure you have a nib that performs as it should, but on the other hand, also please understand that at the price point of my pens, I can't afford to offer this kind of service along with a pen. But if you do have any specific requirements, I have partnered with a specialist that can perform this work for you. I'm a craftsman and can make you a beautiful pen, but I'm not a nib specialist. So if you would like any specific work perform on your nib before or after you purchase your pen, I can refer you to a specialist who will gladly perform any work you require.


JEB's PENs Warranty ~ What is outlined below...
Unfortunately warranty information is a necessary evil for selling a product these days. But besides stating my warranty, I've also tried to include all the information related to the pen purchase. Although I've added a little light brevity along the way, it doesn't mean any of it is any less important or necessary. I also apologize for the information being so long, but the more I wrote, the more information I realized I should include. But the best thing about over communicating is that (hopefully) it won't leave room for questions or doubts.

First I want you to know that I will do my best to help you with your order, and want to be sure you are fully satisfied with your pen purchase as well as the entire experience from the first e-mail correspondence to the delivery. But please remember, it's a two-way street. I need your cooperation to make sure your pen is made to your satisfaction just as much as you need mine for the same reason. Please help us both by being helpful and cooperative during the process, and especially if a problem occurs. If a problem does come up, or you have any questions or concerns, I'll do my best to answer those questions and/or resolve any issues to help insure you are satisfied with both the purchase, as well as the process. But also understand, I have to protect myself and can't just give away the store to resolve a problem. Any resolution not only needs to be beneficial for you, but for me as well, otherwise, I'd be out of business in a hurry. If there is a problem, there is no reason we can't work together and come to a resolution that is beneficial to both of us. I'd like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding if we do run into a problem.

Pricing Information:
Sorry, but unfortunately I will not post prices here or anywhere on my website. But just so you didn't think I omitted this information altogether, I thought I'd make it clear and mention why. I feel there are several good reasons: 1) I don't want to get into a bidding war on a pen with another pen maker. The pen community is a fairly close group, and many of us have a friendly acquaintance and I don't want to compete with my friends on the price of a pen. 2) I also won't haggle on the price. If you see a pen elsewhere cheaper, buy it. Don't ask me to make it cheaper because you saw a similar pen for less. That person may have a different way to make his pens that allows him to sell them for less. 3) Additional features will increase the cost. So you may want something on your pen that affects the basic pens cost (for example a special feature that takes more time to include, or upgraded hardware such as adding metal accent bands). 4) My prices are as such that I am selling a fully custom pen at rock bottom prices AND making a minimal markup in the process. If I actually quoted a price based on a professional hourly shop rate for the time it takes to make a pen, no one would buy it. So by no means am I getting rich. I've tried to price my pens to be affordable and competitive, while still making a little money from them.

Lastly, when I do quote a price, that price WILL NOT include shipping charges or insurance-- I will always quote those separately because the rates can vary widely depending on where the pen is shipped to, the size of the package required, and the final cost of the pen ordered (for shipping and/or payment information, see those individual categories listed below). So if you are interested in a pen and want to inquire about the price, please feel free to send me an e-mail outlining what pen style you are interested in, the material you wish to use, and any particular options you'd like to include. I will reply as quickly as possible, and give you a price quote based on the information you supply.

Material costs:
Prices quoted WILL include the material, but for STANDARD GRADE acrylics only. If an alternate (i.e. more expensive) material is desired, once it is priced, the additional cost of that material - over the standard grade price-- will be added to the cost of the pen. If you wish to estimate the cost of a more expensive material, please contact me and I'll let you know how to calculate the additional cost.

Payment information:
I've tried to make the payment process as painless as possible. I do not require payment, or a deposit up front on an order. But I do require full payment before the pen is shipped. After the pen is completed, I will send you a collection of photo's for you to review so you can confirm the pen is as ordered (more on photo's below), then after you approve the photo's, I'll forward you a PayPal™ invoice. After I receive notice that the invoice has been paid, I will ship the pen.

Shipping information:
As stated earlier, prices quoted DO NOT include shipping and insurance. These costs are additional and will be quoted separately once a full delivery address is supplied. All pens are currently shipped using INSURED Priority Mail via the United States Postal Service (AKA USPS; AKA "the Post Office"). NO EXCEPTIONS.

Why "no exceptions" if you're the one paying the shipping? Well, because just like having the need for a warranty to protect myself against those few people out there trying to take advantage of me, I also want to help protect you against yourself. I want to make sure you don't make a mistake and choose to ship your new $200 pen bulk rate, then have it take two weeks to arrive, and/or arrive in pieces. So if you've elect not to use insurance, the damage or loss would be on you. So neither of us want that type of scenario to happen, so let's be safe, rather than sorry. Besides, compared to the cost of the pen, the cost of insurance and a fast method of shipping is a minimal additional cost.

Why bother with insurance?
Although to you, it's only one shipment and maybe worth taking a chance just once, I ship pens often, and the more pens I ship, the law of averages says the more likely it will be that a pen will get lost or damaged eventually during a shipment. Would you really want to take the chance and have my number to come up when it's your pen? I'd hate to see that happen.

Warranty information:
Although most clients understand that when they order a custom pen, along with having the options of getting the pen made to their own specifications, they also understand that it means that once it is ordered, approved, and shipped, it's out of my hands. So at that point it is now THEIR pen and it cannot be returned unless there are defects that need to be addressed. And even then, other than fixing the defects, it is still their pen, and they would never expect they'd have the right of returning it for an exchange, let alone a full refund a few weeks or months later. Am I right? Thankfully I've been fortunate to have the kind of clients that understand this and would never dream of trying to take advantage. But unfortunately, there are people out there always looking to take advantage the first chance they get or expect they should be treated differently, and always only to their benefit. So to protect myself and so there is no misunderstanding, the following is my full warranty statement:

"All JEB's PENs whether kit or custom-made are warranted for seven (7) days from the date of receipt for material and/or workmanship defects. If the material and/or workmanship is found to be defective within that seven (7) days, and after finding the damage or defect was not caused during shipment (aka "damaged in shipment"), then it can be returned with prior authorization for a review and assessment. If found to be defective, it is the right of JEB's PENs to repair or replace the damage part as deemed necessary, and then return the pen back to the client. All pens are custom made, therefore they are NOT REFUNDABLE. If the defect and/or workmanship issue cannot be resolved by repairing or replacing the part in question, the pen can be exchanged for a new pen of the same style and material only- NO EXCEPTIONS. After 7 days, JEB's PENs had no responsibility to repair or replace the pen or parts at our expense. Additionally, once the pen is shipped, JEB's PENs has no control over the shipment, therefore they cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage during the shipment. Those are the sold responsibility of the client, therefore you are strongly encouraged to FULLY insure your shipment in order to avoid any shipping issues."

Whew! OK, I said it! And it's kind of a mouthful, but I think you get the gist of it. If I screwed up, I'll do my best to fix it. I don't want to you to have a broken or damaged pen anymore than you do. But that doesn't negate the custom order and allow someone to send the pen back for an exchange or refund just because they decide they didn't like it after they saw it. I make every effort to send photo's of the pen(s) so you can clearly see what you are getting for your money, and allow plenty of opportunity during the ordering process to ask as many questions as you like if you are unsure of what you might be getting. I do my best to offer a high quality product at a discount price. But also please remember, although I take pride in my quality and workmanship, these ARE NOT $1,000 pens, therefore they should not be judged as such as an excuse for claiming a workmanship defect!

Pre-shipment photo's:
I know that offering up a few hundred dollars for something sight unseen is a big step for most people, and I'm honored that you have faith enough in me to place an order for a pen. That's why I think it's important that I'm available if you have any questions, and why I think it's important to send you photo's of your finished pen after it's completed and before you make payment and have it shipped, rather than have you wait until you receive it to get the first glimpse of what you've purchased.

But... please remember. The photo's aren't just for your enjoyment! I send the photo's so you can review them and be sure the pen was made as you requested and so you can see and confirm what you are purchasing and what will be shipped to you. So if there is anything you see in the photo's that is questionable to you, please don't hesitate to ask about it. If you want to see more pictures or different views to confirm a suspicion, all you need to do is ask for them. It only takes a few minutes to take and send a few additional pictures, and I'd be glad to do it.

I normally make/send three to five photo's showing different view depending on the pen style. That amount is usually enough to give you a good view of all aspects of the pen. And NOW is the time to raise any concerns, NOT wait until AFTER you receive the pen to confirm something you saw in a photo. That just makes the problem harder to deal with.

I know the placing the order is just the first step for you, just as it is for me. So I try to make sure that I promptly answer any questions about your proposed project BEFORE you place the order, as well as after the order is committed. But if you have additional questions or concerns before or after you place the order, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. If you have a question or realize you missed giving information about your order and you've already committed to it, them be sure to contact me as you as you realized there may be an issue. Time is of the essence, because if the order has been committed, then I've most likely started ordering materials and planning the job. So i need any new information right away.

But what if there IS a defect, now what? If you do find a problem with your pen when you receive it, FIRST let me know! Send me an e-mail right away or give me a call and let me know what's going on (I include a business card with each shipment that includes my phone number). BUT PLEASE, DO NOT JUST RETURN THE PEN!! If the pen was damaged in shipment, I cannot file a damage claim, so if you return the pen to me, now you are out the cost of a pen. I know it's a hassle and inconvenience to have to deal with it, but it's the right thing to do.

In your e-mail, be specific and detailed about the problem... Don't just send me an e-mail and tell me "the pen is damaged". PLEASE expand on what is wrong, what you think the defect is and where it is on the pen. If you have a camera (and with all of us having cell phone, who doesn't these days), please take photo's of the damage or defect and include the photo(s) in your e-mail The photo's are not only for me to help understand what is wrong, but they are also for you-- so YOU have a record of what the pen looked like when you received it. Both in case you have to fine a damage claim, and just in case you need to return it to me.

The other reason for photo's... Besides the pre-shipment photo's allowing you an opportunity to see the pen before you get it, another reason I take the photo's is also so I have a record of what the pen looked like at the time it was shipped. So if you claim the pen is damaged on receipt, I can look at my photo's to see if I missed something in the pen, or be able to confirm that the damage wasn't there when it was shipped. If it's a scratch. Well, I do my best to make sure there aren't any. But sometimes I screw up, and can miss one. But then too, just because their may be a scratch or two, it doesn't mean it was shipped that way. So we may need to decide now whether the package was tampered with.

So next, you should inspect the packaging thoroughly. Does it look like it was resealed? My packages have a signature (I package them a certain way), so when you e-mail me, let me know how the pen was packed in the box or envelope, and whether there was any tape on the package. That will help me determine if the package was opened and resealed. If after what you tell me, it's determined the box doesn't have all my packing clues, then it's a good possibility the box was broken open and resealed or repackaged-- it happens! And if it has, there's nothing we can do about it but move forward and work together to resolved how and by whom was the cause, and them get the damage part fixed or replaced.

If together we find the defects were due to damage during shipment, then THE PEN, SHIPPING BOX, AND ALL OF ITS CONTENTS need to be RETURNED to the POST OFFICE and a damage claim filed. BUT DON'T WAIT! Take it to the Post Office as soon as possible. And again, please remember, I CANNOT FILE A CLAIM FOR YOU, YOU MUST START THE PROCESS!

If it's determined that the pen is damage or defective and it wasn't done in shipment, it would now need to be returned to me for review. So then PLEASE return the item packaged the EXACT same way it was shipped to you:

FIRST... that means repackage the pen the same way it was when you received it in order to try and avoid any additional damage in the return trip. If there was bubble wrap in the box, use the bubble wrap again (if the bubble wrap was wrapped AROUND the item, wrap it around the same way. If it was just used as filler, then use it again as filler). If the pen was in a tube, use the tube again. If the pen was shipped in a custom pen box (used for fountain pens), then return the pen in that same box, and secure it to the inside of the shipping box the same way it was received (that keeps the pen box from moving around inside the shipping box). PLEASE-- Don't try to save any of the materials for some reason.

Second... Use the enclosed or e-mailed return shipping labels. If I included a set of return shipping labels, use those. If not were included with the shipment, let me know and I'll e-mail you a set. The set should include TWO labels: Place ONE label on the outside of the box, then a secondary label on the INSIDE of the box lid. The secondary label is for additional insurance in case the box gets damage and/or the outside label is torn or damaged making it unreadable.

Third... Ship the pen back using the same shipping method and rate. This means the pen should be shipped INSURED PRIORITY MAIL via the United States Postal Service (AKA "the Post Office"; AKA "USPS)). Don't try to save a few bucks by sending it at a cheaper rate. That not only will delay the return delivery, but it increases the possibility of damaged on the return trip. I ship by USPS Priority Mail because it is the cheapest yet fastest means of getting the package through the system in the minimal number of days, so it minimizes the time it's being bounced around and man-handled.

The FINALE (last but certainly not least):
Hopefully I've covered most of the necessary contingencies here, but I'm sure there could be other issues that might arise that weren't anticipated. And although some things here may seem chiseled in stone, I want you to be satisfied with your purchase as well as the experience. So if you have a problem with your order, please contact me and give me a chance to correct it. As I've said before, communication is the key. If I don't know about a problem or issue you have, I can't fix it. And I'll do my best to ensure you are satisfied with the resolution as long it is a reasonable request. But as I said in the beginning, I can't give away the store. But I think we can do both if we work together to a mutual benefit. After all, I'm not looking for one time customers, I want you to come back-- AND bring your friends!

Thanks for your understanding! I look forward to working with you!